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More than a Desk Booking App

Our Space and Asset Manager Application is the essential for smart or agile working

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Find your favourite workstation in your office

and work with your project team

Users of SAM can find team members and colleagues in the building and they are able to book workstation for days, weeks or even months ahead of time (depending on the setup).

"And what if someone cannot sit down in the office, because there are not enough desks?"

Similar questions arise first on the introduction of Agile or Smart Working. In order to avoid the situation described in this issue, Invensol has developed the SAM (Space & Asset Management System) to support implementing the agile or smart working.

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Work from anywhere you want:

your work becomes smart and flexible

With agile or smart working, employees spend part of their working time (couple days a week) away from the office and working remotely. Your workspace can be anywhere, at the Office, at a Bar, on the Beach or at Home

The office can accommodate more employees than the actual number of desks.

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Optimize your office space with SAM

Expanding your office space is expensive and time consuming

According to our experience, office space utilization in traditional "fixed" workstations (1 table / 1 worker) is 60%, or 40% of the office space in normal working hours almost always free. The utilization also shows varied results at different times of day.

In today's dynamically developing companies, the number of office staff increases. Instead of building or renting additional office space, a new trend is becoming a common practice, called the Agile Working or Desk Sharing.

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Using SAM for agile working is about how to increase the number of employees without office expansion or even reducing office space.

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See data visualization and analytics

Reports and diagrams can be extracted from any data processed (e.g. desk or area occupancy report, remote work usage) with one click, or even automated (e.g. monthly reports)

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Thanks to our innovative staff, as well as our technological background we are able to offer you uniquely customised service packages according to your needs.

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